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Flower fair

Flower festival

The tradition started in the late 1998 when Sv. Filip i Jakov won the title for the best ordered place of the Zadar County, continued also at other county competitions.

In 2001, this flower story inspired us to start the project of Flower Festival in Sv. Filip i Jakov. This traditional manifestation makes part of the most significant manifestation of the Zadar County called “The Days of the County. It has been traditionally held on the last weekend in April in the centre of Sv. Filip i Jakov, gathering a large number of flower exhibitors and manufacturers, as well as participants from Croatia and abroad. It is enriched by various programmes and ethnological presentations of old customs, typical both of this area and of other parts of Croatia. During the three days of the manifestation, people can take part in eco workshops, presentations, counselling and lectures, flower arrangement competitions, exhibitions and fashion shows. Along with the exhibiting part of the manifestation, there is also a theatrical event including programmes performed by preschoolers from the Zadar County kindergartens, elementary school pupils, cultural clubs, Dalmatian “klapa” singers (“a cappella” singing) and entertainers. During this three-day event visitors can participate in the workshops dealing with ecology, presentations, consultations and lectures, competitions of flower designers and fashion shows.

The cooperation with the chef association called „SPIZA OD CVIĆA“ makes it possible to enjoy flowers in a completely new way - as a gastronomic delight.


Organizer and sponsors

Turistička zajednica općine Sveti Filip i Jakov

Općina Sveti Filip i Jakov

High patronage
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Sponsors and donors

TN Croatia, Sv. Filip i Jakov
TN Margarita maris, Sv. Filip i Jakov
Magnolija, Zadar
TOI –TOI, Zagreb
Općina Pakoštane
Grad Benkovac
Grad Biograd na Moru
Smithers-Oasis Adriatica d.o.o. Ozalj
OCEAN ORCHIDS d.o.o. Dobrovnik, Slovenija
Bure commerce, Biograd na Moru
Insigne, Veika Gorica