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Flower fair

Flower exibitors and flower designers

For a perfect flower installation one needs more than just beautiful flowers. It requires a lot of fantasy and handicraft. At the fair you can enjoy beautiful flower installations arranged following the latest trends that might inspire you to try your hand at flower arranging.

The Flower Show, a part of the Festival intended for florists and flower arrangers, brings the latest trends in this field. Among others, the Festival hosted also some well renowned flower arrangers such as Emilio Prezziosi vice president of the Rome Flower Association, lord Cornelius Veldhuis from the Netherlands, graduate agronomist, senior lecturer and Dutch master of floral design as well as numerous flower arrangers from Croatia such as Kristina Skvrce from Dubrovnik, Marko Bijelić and Suzana Lonjak from Osijek, association Viola Odorata from Split, Nives Stančin from Bjelovar each presenting their own individual way of the art of flower arranging.

Back in 2001 the first Flower Festival hosted five exhibitors, only to include more than 100 exhibitors and participants today.

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