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Manifestation “Sabor malih glagoljaša”

The second weekend in September is booked for the manifestation gathering young Glagolitic script learners, called “Sabor malih glagoljaša – Ajmo dico glagoljati” in Rogovsko abbey, next to the church of St. Roch from the 11th century, as well as along the coast in Turanj and Sv. Filip i Jakov. In the area of the former Benedictine abbey, bestowed upon the Benedictines by the king Krešimir IV, Glagolitic enthusiasts from various parts of Croatia gather to preserve the Glagolitic script. Along with Glagolitic singing, various lectures take place, as well as a round table, workshops, exhibitions, stands with original souvenirs, presentations, theatrical events and concerts, with participation of numerous exhibitors from all over Croatia, from small children to grown-up academics. This turned out to be an interesting way of presenting our cultural heritage to tourists.

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