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Manifestation “Kako su živili i radili naši stari”

“KAKO SU ŽIVILI I RADILI NAŠI STARI” is a traditional manifestation of the folklore evenings and old tradition of Sv. Filip and Jakov area, on how our ancestors lived and worked. This is one of the first manifestations presenting old customs which takes place in the Zadar County, providing historic and ethnological display of lifestyle in the Filipjakov area, presenting old songs and dances, ways of preparing food and displaying its customs. Three cultural and artistic clubs participate: “Sv. Roko” from Sv. Filip i Jakov, “Maslina” from Turanj and “Sv. Ivan Glavosjek”' from Raštane Donje, as well as members of the pupil's cooperative “Đardin” from the elementary school of Sv. Filip i Jakov and the young learners of the Glagolitic script. It is interesting that along with the customs and food prepared on the coast, it also presents the lifestyle in the hinterland.

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