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The Riviera of Sv. Filip i Jakov is ideal for sailing with many sunny days and enough wind. In addition to swimming and sunbathing you can spend your time sailing and enjoying benefits of beautiful and untouched nature in closer and more remote surroundings.

Jedriličarski klub "Sv. Filip i Jakov"
+385 98 272-974
+385 91 583-8382


The “Surf PIT” windsurfing school of Sv. Filip i Jakov offers various windsurfing courses and equipment rental. In the “Surf PIT” you will experience the pleasure of windsurfing, enjoying the sea and the wind.

"The Surf PIT"
+385 91 1717 101 (Petar)
+385 91 7361 901 (Tomislav)
+385 91 5000 237 (Booking: Vlatka)


In Sv. Filip i Jakov there is a Water Polo Club «Gusar» and school of swimming “Kontov mul”. In summer, on the Riviera of Sv. Filip i Jakov many water polo tournaments are held. They include various teams, which gives a special atmosphere and charm to your stay among a host of cheerers.

Vaterpolo klub "Gusar"
+385 91 388-3020


If you are interested in this type of sports, you have at your disposal volleyball courts on the beach of htourist complex “Croatia” and local beach “Iza Banja”.
Beach volleyball tournaments are interesting and attractive events nowadays. In order to feel the real charm of beach volleyball, you have to sense the competitive spirit. Summer is an ideal time for this type of sports, it is the time to enjoy nature, socialize and do some recreation.


You can play tennis in Sv. Filip i Jakov almost during the entire year within the tourist complex “Margarita Maris” or during tourist season in private accommodations “Croatia”. Tennis courts have always been a place for desirable and welcome fun, both for many amateurs as well as professional tennis players. These courts give special pleasure being placed along the seaside. You shall enjoy yourselves being surrounded by pine trees and the sounds of the sea and after finishing a game you can find refreshment on the nearby beaches.


Cyclists can rent bikes in the centre of Sv. Filip i Jakov and enjoy the ride over cycling paths above Sv. Filip i Jakov, to gazebo “Crni krug”, which gives you a beautiful view of the Pašman kanal Strait, Kornati archipelago, Vrana Lake and Ravni Kotari.
Walking and cycling path is connected via the town centre with the town of Biograd and it continues towards the cycling path along Vrana Lake.


Kad Vam dosadi kupanje i sunčanje, do susjednih prekrasnih uvala možete se provozati pedalinom, motornim čamcem ili čamcem na vesla.
Za sve informacije možete se obraditi u rent-a boat:

"Love story" - Sv. Filip i Jakov
+385 91 388-3020

"Arca Noae" - Turanj
+385 23 389 442
+385 98 97 94 250


A semi-submarine resembles the real submarine but the boat isn’t fully submerged.
Passengers can enjoy a stunning view of the marine flora and fauna through large glass surfaces of the submerged cabin or a breathtaking panoramic view from the d
You can choose a day or night tour, a special sunset tour or one of children’s tours.
Night tours provide an unforgettable experience and a unique way of discovering the underwater world at night.
Day tours take 45 minutes and night tours 30 minutes.
The semi-submarine operates from May to October and has the maximum capacity of 12 passengers.

+385 23 388 100
+385 98 672 728

Booking Biograd: +385 99 564 0 664
Booking Sv. Filip i Jakov: +385 99 563 88 91
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