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Did you know…

…that Croatia has 1,185 islands, 66 of them inhabited?
…that some of the strongest currents in Dalmatia are in Pašman Channel?
…that the island of Ričul is a natural habitat of wild pigeons living in a cave at the top of the island?
…that there were salt pans on the island of Babac in the medieval period?
…that cave Buta near Sv. Petar was inhabited by people in prehistoric time?
…that the heart-shaped island of Galešnjak, called the island of love, hides tumuli from prehistoric time, as well as ancient ports?
…that the oldest lighthouse in Pašman Channel is located on the island of Babac?
…that Pašman Channel is divided in two waterways, western and eastern, separated by the line connecting islets of Komornik, Babac, Frmić, Planac and Sveta Katarina?
…that family roots of the French writer Emil Zola originate from Sv. Petar?
…that on the island of Frmić there are remains of the Roman tank from late antiquity period?
…that on the island of Babac, in Jusin area, there are remains of a small medieval church?
…that Borelli arboretum hides many exotic plants?
…that there is a legend of the island of Ričul about the noblemen Mogorovići who drowned near the island during a big storm, and their treasure is still hidden somewhere?

The legend of creation of Velebit and the Adriatic sea

One of the old legends preserved to this day talks about creation of the Adriatic Sea. It was a long time ago, in prehistoric time, when mother Bura and father Jug lived in the land of Illyria. They had two children: a son named Velebit and a daughter Adria. Velebit was a strong young man, tall, and his sister Adria had slim and gentle body, dark blue eyes and long blond hair. Happy and carefree days were interrupted by their father Jug, who decided to take a journey, wishing to discover an even more beautiful country. He promised his wife and children to return in seven years. He kissed them all goodbye and left with the wind. When the seventh year elapsed, Velebit and Adria climbed to the top of a hill with their mother, waiting for their father's return. They noticed, from the top of the hill, a large bird fluttering in the wind, announcing by its cry the arrival of Jug. Soon, Jug appeared on the horizon, but when he arrived near his homeland, an evil spirit, and a great wizard, stopped and imprisoned him. Namely, he thought that if Jug was bound, it would be easy to defeat his son Velebit and take his lovely daughter Adria, which he fell in love with. An unusual, terrible silence came over Illyria, since every sound vanished along with Jug. People once happy and cheerful, were terrified. One night, during a storm, the wizard threw himself on the fertile land like a hawk. Mother Bura was so frightened that she turned into an eagle, her son Velebit turned into stone and become the mountain still bearing his name, and her daughter Adria tumbled down a cliff and turned into the Adriatic Sea.

Turanj (near Biograd)
(The legend was told by Aleksandar (Lešo) Santini, 82 years old, from Turanj near Biograd)

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